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Anfim Enters New Phase with the Luna Espresso Grinder

Anfim Luna Grinder 2

The product portfolio of Italian grinder manufacturer Anfim is waxing with the launch of the Luna, a new flat-burr grinder designed for commercial espresso settings. 

Beans from a 2-kilogram-capacity hopper slide down to meet a pair of hardened 65-millimeter flat burrs made specifically for the Luna by Anfim parent company, the Hemro Group, at its production site in Hamburg, Germany.

Through a 3.5-inch touch display, baristas can program up to four grind durations for automatic execution. 

The grinder’s all-metal construction is designed to withstand the rigors of cafe use, and its spout is removable for cleaning. The stepless adjustment system can be operated with one hand, according to the manufacturer. 

Anfim told DCN that the Luna is the first of a number of new releases anticipated for brand, which has focused squarely on commercial espresso since its founding in Milan in 1981. 

“The Luna is only the first grinder in the new Anfim espresso product family,” Lena Frick, head of Hemro Group marketing, said. “A second grinder with larger 80-millimeter discs will follow at a later point in time.”

Anfim Luna Grinder

The Luna follows a complete rebranding for Anfim, as well as increased production capacity through a gleaming new factory in Milan. An Anfim and Hemro Group showroom is expected to open there in May. 

Anfim will have the Luna on display at the upcoming SCA Expo in April in Portland, Oregon, where sales of the grinder in United States will launch for $1,300. 

“2023 marks the entrance into a new era for Anfim, and will truly be the year of Anfim,” said Frick. “The new production site, new brand identity and Luna as a new product launch will scale the Anfim brand globally. Luna will be sold to many more markets than previous Anfim products as well.”

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