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Hublot and Nespresso Made a $24,100 Watch with Coffee Things In It

Hublot Nespresso watch 2

The Hublot Big Bang Unico Espresso Origin watch. News release photo by Hublot.

Swiss watchmaker Hublot has teamed up with Swiss single-use coffee pod giant Nespresso to introduce a limited-edition luxury-priced watch with some materials derived from coffee grounds and package materials.

Hublot, a wholly owned subsidiary of the French fashion goods conglomerate LVMH, is selling 200 units of the green watch for $24,100 (USD) each, with free shipping.

Named the Big Bang Unico Espresso Origin, the watch has numerous components that contain some portion of materials derived from recycled coffee grounds and/or recycled aluminum from Nespresso’s iconic single-use, single-cup pods.

Hublot Nespresso watch 1

News release photo by Hublot.

According to Hublot, the watch’s 42-millimeter shell is crafted in recycled aluminum, 28% of which comes from Nespresso capsules. Recycled titanium from Hublot is also employed in the watch construction. 

A rubber strap for the watch contains 4.2 percent coffee grounds and 8.2% recycled white rubber. A fabric watch strap features a proprietary material called S.Café, composed of 5% coffee grounds and 95% recycled polyester, created by the materials company Singtex.

Nespresso CEO Guillaume Le Cunff trumpeted the launch as a dual win for corporate sustainability and luxury shoppers.

Hublot Nespresso watch 3

News release photo by Hublot.

“The Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin is the perfect illustration of the harmonious coexistence between circularity and luxury,” Le Cunff said. “It demonstrates that circular products can be just as elegant and refined as conventional luxury products, proving that it is possible to combine environmental values and aesthetic requirements without compromise.”

According to the latest published statistics from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), aluminum has one of the worst municipal waste recycling rates by volume in the United States, trailing materials such as glass, steel, paper, cardboard, rubber, leather, textiles and wood.

Hublot Nespresso watch 4

News release photo by Hublot.

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