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Coffee Groups Unite for the Hot Medicated Summer Raffle

hot medicated summer

A group of coffee-related organizations in the United States and Canada have teamed up to launch Hot Medicated Summer, a raffle benefiting two inspirational coffee people who have incurred debt from treatment for mental health crises.

Running through Saturday, July 22, the raffle is being led by the barista-supportive nonprofits Glitter Cat Barista and Go Fund Bean alongside green coffee trader Atlas Coffee Importers, accessories maker Umeshiso and consultancy Trans & Caffeinated.

The raffle is in support of 2022 US Cup Tasters Champion Julien Langevin and 2018 US Barista Championship runner-up and Glitter Cat Founder Veronica Pearl, both of whom have been unable to work due to mental health crises.

Said the event’s organizers, “Julien and Veronica are two of the most notable trans luminaries in the specialty coffee industry, having dedicated their careers to promoting inclusivity and equity in coffee.”

The raffle features an array of coffee equipment, coffee swag and roasted coffees, with numerous bundled packages. Many of the donated items bear custom painting and artwork from individual artists throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Companies that have donated equipment include Breville, Mahlkönig, Baratza, Brewista, Moccamaster, Acaia and Fellow. Additional coffee gear and swag was provided by Miir, Slow Pour Supply, Trans & Caffeinated and Urnex. Meanwhile, coffees for the raffle bundles has come from Boon Boona, Caffe Vita, Chobani, Coava Coffee, Coffee Business, Favor Coffee, Onyx Coffee Labs, Smith Tea and Three Keys Coffee.

Providing additional support for the program are a number of companies who have agreed to match donations at specific levels, including Big Heart Tea, Boon Boona, Colibri & Renard, Fuel Coffee, Postern Coffee and Uncommon Coffee.

A number of roasted coffee bundles for the raffle come from the Indianapolis-based roasting outfit Shuv Coffee. Beyond the raffle, Shuv is selling three different coffees to support the benefit through its own web store. The offerings come through a partnership with Glitter Cat, Atlas Coffee Importers and Cafe Imports.

Check out the Hot Medicated Summer site for info on all the bundles and bidding information.

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