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NKG Launches NKG Indonesia Imports to Meet Domestic Demand

NKG Indonesia Imports

NKG Indonesia Imports logo.

German green coffee conglomerate Neumann Kaffee Gruppe has launched an importing company in Indonesia in response to increased domestic demand for coffee.

NKG Indonesia Imports is technically NKG’s second company in Indonesia, coming 25 years since the opening of Berindo Jaya, NKG’s Indonesian export company.

According to the most recent market report form the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, Indonesia exported the equivalent of approximately 7.1 million 60-kilo bags of coffee in the most recent market year, while domestic consumption is expected to equal approximately 4.79 million bags in 2023-4.

Based in Jakarta’s Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) district, NKG Indonesia Imports will be led by Chief Operating Officer Mira Yudhawati, a Q Grader and World Coffee Championships sensory judge who previously served as general manager of Boncafé Indonesia.

Mira Yudhawati NKG Indonesia

NKG Indonesia Imports COO Mira Yudhawati. Press photo courtesy of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe.

According to an announcement this week from NKG, the company’s headquarters will include a climate-controlled warehouse for storage and spot availability of imported green coffees “of all qualities.”

“It is important to understand our client’s products and positions in order to offer value added services that makes NKG Indonesia Imports an essential player in the coffee eco-system in Indonesia,” Yudhawati said in the announcement.

NKG said that NKG Indonesia Imports will be supported by the conglomerate’s network of export warehouses as well as sibling companies in Singapore, Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia, which together constitute the “NKG Asia Hub.”

NKG Gruppe currently comprises more than 60 companies in 27 countries involved in activities including farming, export, milling, importing and related services.

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