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Design Details: The Wood Panels of Boobun Pocket Café in Thailand

Boobun Pocket Café in Thailand 3

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Design Details: Boobun Pocket Café in Thailand

  • Project: Boobun Pocket Café (Facebook)
  • Location: Nakhon Sawan, Thailand (Google Maps link)
  • Architect/Design Firm: CUP Scale Studio (Instagram)
  • Lead Architect: Santi Aramwibul
  • Size (interior): 40 square meters (430 square feet)
  • Opened: 2022
  • Photographs: Chamaiphorn Lamaiphan & Santi Aramwibul

Boobun Pocket Café in Thailand 1

In a central district in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand, sits the Boobun Pocket Cafe, a compact, vertically oriented bakery and coffee bar surrounded by hardwood paneling.

In a statement shared with DCN, project design firm CUP Scale Studio said the wood elements throughout the structure clearly reference historic Thai design vernacular for residential and rural buildings, such as barns. 

Boobun Pocket Café in Thailand 6

The project involved the reuse of wood cut to various sizes, including wood panels on the exterior and interlocking wooden platforms that form counters and seating areas on the upper floors.

Flanked by two private buildings, the Boobun cafe rises from within a 10-by-10-meter plot with open air on the first floor. Paneling on the raised levels is designed to maintain privacy.

Boobun Pocket Café in Thailand 8

The facade includes curved corners and clerestory windows in the upper areas, which are supported by beams rising up through the ground level’s raised floor.

Cup Scale Studio told DCN that wood used throughout the structure was reclaimed from previous uses, both for efficiency and to maintain cultural heritage.

“Wood becomes stronger with less moisture in it,” the firm stated. “This is part of sustainable architecture through material efficiency.”

Boobun Pocket Café in Thailand 7

Boobun Pocket Café in Thailand 5

Boobun Pocket Café in Thailand 4

Boobun Pocket Café in Thailand 2