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From Ukraine, the Pure Pour-Over Set Heats Up

Pure Pour-Over Brew set 5

The Pure Pour-Over Set includes a stand, a drip tray, a carafe and a conical dripper. All images courtesy of From Creator.

With distinctive features for heat retention and tidiness, a new pourover system called the Pure Pour-Over Set is coming soon from Kyiv, Ukraine. 

A Kickstarter campaign to support initial production has amassed more than US$13,000, as of this writing, while the first pre-orders are expected to ship in July. 

The company behind the product, called From Creator, was founded by Anatolii Tytarchuk, the co-owner of Kyiv specialty coffee shop Druzhba (Instagram). Joining in the From Creator venture is Oleksandr Yefremov, the owner and roaster of Uzhhorod-based Riverside Coffee Roastery.

Pure Pour-Over Brew set 6

The Pure set includes a conical dripper and drip tray held by a powder-coated steel stand. The dripper, which is compatible with Hario V60-shaped filters, is made from polycarbonate plastic material that was chosen specifically for its heat retention characteristics. It features a system of pronounced fins within an enclosure around the bottom of the cone that From Creator calls HeatShield+.

The upper portion of the dripper is smooth in order to promote flat filter placement and minimize bypass. The fins at the bottom of the cone are designed to create a buffer of warm air, according to Tytarchuk.

“Air that is ‘trapped’ there reduces overall thermal conductivity,” Tytarchuk recently told DCN. “Since the dripper is purposely made of food-safe polycarbonate, which has one of the lowest thermal conductivity properties, overall heat retention is improved. Moreover, all independent tests confirm that coffee brewed with our specialty dripper tends to be sweeter and/or much balanced.”

Pure Pour-Over Brew set 2

The carafe features a 360-degree spout, a protrusion in the center for placement atop the drip tray and a notched form for holding and pouring.

The Pure set’s “Magic Drip Tray” catches water used to preheat the dripper and rinse the filter. After brewing is complete, users can latch the drip tray to the dripper for swift, drip-free removal from the set’s stand. Additional features include a notch at the base of the dripper for a spoon or stirrer, and a glass carafe. 

An indentation at the base of the carafe provides built-in turbulence for aerating the brew, if desired, while providing a visual cue for placement on the stand.

The Pure Pour-Over Set began to take shape in June 2022, approximately four months after Russia launched its military invasion of Ukraine. Tytarchuk told DCN that the entire project since then has developed both in spite of and because of the war.

Pure Pour-Over Brew set 3

Protrusions from the drip tray attach to the base of the dripper for easy and clean removal.

“Before the full-scale war in Ukraine, I worked in business aviation for over 12 years. This war killed local industry at least for now, and I’ve lost my job,” Tytarchuk said. “I’ve needed some focus and business engagement that would keep me moving and active, both mentally and economically. I had my savings that I’ve invested in this project and my coffee shop.”

While manufacturing has by necessity been outsourced to China, From Creator’s design, R&D and marketing teams continue to work in Ukraine. Tytarchuk said the group is already working on ideas for an immersion brewer. 

Pure Pour-Over Brew set 1

The anticipated retail price of the Pure Pour-Over Set is $115.

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