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Kickstarter Goes Cuckoo for the Kuku Maker Brewer

Kuku maker coffee drinks

The Kuku Maker. All images courtesy of Kuku Hub.

The Kuku Maker, a novel electric coffee brewer that utilizes centrifugal force for extractions, has raised more than $830,000 through Kickstarter, with more than a week left in the campaign. 

Kuku Hub, the Chinese company behind the Kuku Maker, has collected pre-orders from more than 1,000 project backers to date. Following fulfillment of the discounted pre-orders, the machine is expected to retail for $1,399, with shipments scheduled to commence this August, according to the company. 

Kuku maker coffee iced

The Kuku Maker distinguishes itself from existing centrifugal brewers by giving users a wide range of brewing variables. Its compact footprint, minimalist design and all-metal construction further set it apart.

The outer case of the machine is aluminum, while all internal parts that contact coffee or water are made of stainless steel.

With adjustable settings and a variety of compatible recipes, the Kuku Maker is designed to produce cold brew and cold espresso-strength extractions, as well as room temperature and hot versions, each resulting in distinct aromas and cup characteristics.

To operate the Kuku Maker, users add water directly into the machine, then add grounds to the stainless steel “powder funnel” located outside of the machine. They then drop the funnel into the machine and secure it with a slight twist. The machine spins the powder funnel to evenly distribute, or “groom,” the dry coffee before introducing the water.

Kuku maker coffee 2

An electromagnetic heater inside the machine can heat the water, or users can add water at any temperature from iced to boiling. Dials on the outside of the machine control water temperature and and duration during the brewing cycle, or users can adjust these and other brew settings through an app. 

The machine additionally allows for controls of the powder funnel RPM, as well as the number of liquid cycles through the grounds.

“Because the Kuku Maker uses centrifugal force for extraction, it uses RPM to generate pressure, not the traditional bar unit pressure,” A Kuku Hub representative told Daily Coffee News.

Kuku maker coffee 1

With offices in China and Singapore and distribution warehouses lined up for the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, Kuku Hub was co-founded by a group of engineers and coffee professionals, including Chris Chi, who has worked in the professional coffee industry as a trainer and in equipment R&D for over a decade, according to the company. 

Haiming Chen is the company’s lead mechanical engineer, and Bin Pan is its head software developer. Tests and consultation on the design and application of the Kuku Maker included participation from Hazel & Hershey Coffee Roasters Owner Birdie Chiu and food-and-beverage/hospitality consultant Chester Grucza.

Before shipping this summer, the Maker will undergo a few final upgrades and feature additions, including modifications for quieter operation, increased water capacity, a height-adjustable spout and an insulating lid. A screen will be built into the machine’s base for accessing additional settings without a secondary device.

Kuku maker coffee China

The company told DCN that it is already working on a machine focused on commercial settings. 

“We’ll optimize all these improvements before shipping, so they’re specifically optimized for the Kuku Maker,” the representative told DCN. “The Kuku Maker is a coffee machine designed for professional and home/office users, not exclusively for cafes, as we’ll soon have a coffee machine for commercial use.”

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