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The WeighMaster Scale Offers Modular Detachable Displays

Mantabrew Weighmaster scale coffee espresso 6

A MantaBrew WeighMaster coffee scale paired with two detachable screens. All images courtesy of MantaBrew.

A new digital coffee scale with dual detachable displays called the WeighMaster has raised more than $180,000 on Kickstarter, as of this writing.

Created by a Hong Kong-based startup called MantaBrew, the modular system can show the same or different information on each screen, depending on user settings.

Module A is a dot matrix screen with a light strip for additional visual cues during brewing. Module B is partially dot matrix, but includes a flip-up TFT monitor portion that is capable of live graphical displays during brewing. The scale will be sold with either module or with both.

Mantabrew Weighmaster scale coffee espresso 1

Based on prescribed recipes, users can track the progress of their brew and receive guidance. The scale also offers games designed to reinforce precision pouring skills for beginners. In Mirror Brewing mode, users can record their own brewing procedure for future reference.

Additional features include automatic portafilter taring, display of water flow rate in grams per second, brew ratio calculation and more.

MantaBrew Coffee Scale (5 of 64)

“The WeighMaster is designed for both cafe and home use, catering to the needs of both professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts at home,” a MantaBrew representative told DCN via email. “If you’re a novice coffee enthusiast, you can opt for a single module. The simultaneous use of both modules is advantageous for users who require comprehensive data and insights, perfect for coffee lovers, cafes and coffee competitors alike.”

Both removable displays are powered by their own lithium batteries and can be attached to magnetic surfaces. With an anodized aluminum surface, the main body of the scale is dust and water resistant, and the system’s modular design allows for components to be replaced individually, according to the company.

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MantaBrew was founded in Hong Kong in 2022, with the WeighMaster scale as the primary focus. The Kickstarter campaign is intended to cover the manufacturing costs for the device’s first production run in China.

After fulfillment to backers of the Kickstarter campaign, retail sales of the WeighMaster are schedule to launch via the MantaBrew website or an IndieGoGo page for $149 USD for a scale plus Module A, $189 for a scale Module B, and $249 for the dual-module package.

Mantabrew Weighmaster scale coffee espresso 3

“We anticipate shipping to commence in June, with North American customers expected to receive their orders by late June or early July,” the company told DCN. “Moving forward, we are excited to introduce a series of innovative coffee ecosystem products, dedicated to providing users with cutting-edge and user-friendly coffee equipment.”

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