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Futura Coffee Roasters Regenerates Into New Southeast Portland Cafe

Futura Coffee Roasters Portland cafe

At the new Futura Coffee Roasters shop on SE Division in Portland, Oregon. All images courtesy of Futura Coffee Roasters.

Two years removed from opening its first cafe and two months removed from expanding to both United States coasts, Portland, Oregon-based Futura Coffee Roasters just opened its fourth cafe overall.

The specialty coffee company — which promotes the concept of regenerative agriculture through in its direct green coffee sourcing practices — opened last month at 4330 SE Division Street in Southeast Portland.

It sits on the ground floor of The Oliver residential building in a space formerly occupied by Portland-born Tea Bar.

Futura Coffee Roasters Portland seating

As at each of the Futura locations — including the brand’s relatively new shop in Amherst, Massachusetts — the Division Street location will feature directly sourced coffees. Two of the company’s owners, Sebastian Villamizar and Felipe Sardi, are involved directly in the green coffee industry through their leadership within Colombian companies Equation Coffee and La Palma y El Tucan, respectively. The third partner in the Futura venture is CJ Speelman of Portland roasting company Tanager Coffee.

Alongside the coffees, the new shop is also offering light pastries, bagels and sandwiches.

Futura Coffee Roasters Portland Division inside

In an announcement shared with DCN, Futura said its retail growth has been complemented by the company’s growth through wholesale roasting, including for recent accounts such as Portland coffee and cocktail newcomer Dear Sandy and the city’s first “zero waste” cafe, Pajaro (Instagram link).

The company continues to channel 3% of its cafe sales to a soil regeneration fund.

Futura Coffee Roasters Portland Division

“Our excitement goes beyond opening another shop; it’s about amplifying our core purpose to assist dedicated farmers in transitioning to regenerative agriculture,” Villamizar, the two-time Colombian Brewers Cup champion, said in the announcement. “With each new location, we’re not just growing; we’re increasing our impact at the origin.”

Futura Coffee Roasters Portland barista

Futura Coffee Roasters’ fourth cafe is now open at 4330 SE Division Street in Portland. Tell DCN’s editors about your new coffee shop or roastery here