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First ‘Golden Attribute Competition’ Celebrates Flavors of Nicaraguan Coffees

Golden Attribute coffee competition 1

Representatives of Sajonia Estate Coffee and Nicavio at the recent Golden Attribute Competition in Matagalpa. All images courtesy of Nicavio.

Two Nicaragua-focused green coffee companies recently hosted the Golden Attribute Competition, a coffee quality competition with a novel approach to quality evaluation.

Rather than employing traditional evaluation standards and protocols, the competition’s judges evaluated coffee samples based on 10 specific flavor attributes: floral, fruity, caramel, chocolate, citrusy, funky, dairy, alcoholic, nuts, herbal and spices.

Golden Attribute coffee competition 4

Said the organizers, “This shift in methodology aligns with the evolving preferences of roasters who increasingly seek distinct flavor profiles.”

The event was jointly created by green coffee production and export company Sajonia Estate Coffee and Central America-focused specialty coffee trading and export company Nicavio.

Representatives of both family-owned companies convened earlier this week at the Sajonia Mill in Matagalpa, where judges picked top coffees from among more than 100 competition samples. The organizers said that winning coffees feature “a spectrum” of post-harvest processing techniques and flavor profiles.

Golden Attribute coffee competition 2

For its part, Nicavio plans to feature 10 winning coffees at its booth next month at the 2024 SCA Expo in Chicago, with sample ordering available.

“We are proud to showcase the exceptional talent and dedication of our producers through the Golden Attribute Competition,” Nicavio General Manager Eduardo Arguello said in an announcement shared with DCN. “Through our strong partnerships and direct presence at origin, Nicavio and Sajonia Estate Coffee are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and flavor to our customers.”

Golden Attribute coffee competition 5

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