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Fin + Field Coffee is the Reel Deal Out West

Paris and Brent Kennedy Fin Field coffee

Paris and Brent Kennedy of Fin + Field Coffee in Carson City, Nevada. All images courtesy of Fin + Field.

A new coffee roasting company called Fin + Field Coffee is luring customers with high-quality specialty coffees, deep-running roasting experience and and outdoorsy Sierra Nevada-meets-PNW branding. 

Fin + Field C0-Founders Brent and Bonnie Kennedy have been roasting and selling beans since 1998 using equipment built by a team overseen by Brent’s brother Bill Kennedy, the president and CEO of the San Franciscan Roaster Co.

For the Fin + Field venture, Brent and Bonnie Kennedy are joined by their daughters, Paris and London Kennedy.

San Franciscan roasters

Paris Kennedy, a recently certified Q Grader who coordinates training courses, tests new machines, manages social media and more at San Franciscan, now roasts all coffees for Fin + Field on a brand-new SF-25 in Carson City, Nevada. 

Colorful labels against stark white bags indicate the countries of origin and producers behind the beans while bearing names such as Smoke On The River, First Light Espresso and River Camp Blend.

“Paris has been a barista for many years, like her mom Bonnie, and roasted alongside her dad,” Brent Kennedy told Daily Coffee News. “Paris is also a fly-fishing fan like her dad. Our goal is to reach out to the fishing and outdoors community with the hopes to upgrade their coffee experience.”

Fin Field Coffee

In 1998, Brent and Bonnie Kennedy bought their first coffee company, The Looney Bean, in the small town of Mammoth Lakes, California. There they launched a roasting operation using the seventh San Franciscan SF-25 roaster ever made.

“This roaster is still in operation today, by the way,” Brent Kennedy told DCN.

In 2005, the Kennedys moved to Bend, Oregon, to start another Looney Bean branch on the Deschutes River, overlooking Mirror Pond. In 2010, they sold all Looney Bean retail operations to focus on roasting, launching Bend Roasting Co. as the supplier to Looney Bean and other wholesale customers.

Bonnie and Brent

Brent and Bonnie Kennedy.

The family sold Bend Roasting last year with plans to launch a new family company. London Kennedy, soon to graduate from the University of Oregon with a degree in interior design, has spearheaded plans for the first Fin + Field cafe, coming soon to Carson City.

“Fin + Field Coffee is a brand-new brand with 26 years’ experience in all things coffee,” Brent Kennedy said. “We are excited to see what happens next.”

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