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From Peru, Artidoro Rodriguez Café Makes US Launch

Artidoro Rodriguez Cafe 2

Bagged roasted coffees from Artidoro Rodriguez Café. All images courtesy of Artidoro Rodriguez Café.

Peruvian coffee roaster and exporter Artidoro Rodriguez Café recently launched in the United States, opening a coffee bar in Virginia while selling wholesale roasted coffees. The company is also planning to launch a U.S. importing business for green coffees later this year.  

The Artidoro Rodriguez Peruvian Coffee Bar opened May 17 inside Taty’s Chicken in Manassas, Virginia, a restaurant founded by Peruvian entrepreneur Felipe Muñoz.

Artidoro Rodriguez Cafe bar

Félix Rodríguez, the founder and CEO of Artidoro Rodríguez Café, received the company’s first shipment of Peruvian coffee on U.S. soil last month, shortly before traveling to the SCA Expo in Chicago to promote the launch. 

Named after Felix’s grandfather, the company sources its coffees from approximately 150 smallholder farmers spread throughout multiple regions of Peru.

Artidoro Rodriguez Cafe Felix

Artidoro Rodriguez Café Founder and CEO Felix Rodriguez.

“Artidoro is committed to supporting Peruvian coffee growing, [and the] objective is to open bridges between coffee communities and new international markets,” Rodríguez said. “Good coffee should not only be a pleasant consumer experience but also a means for coffee farmers to achieve their dreams.”

In Lima, ARC roasts 20-kilo batches in a Peruvian-built JR Roasters machine. The approximately 6,460-square-foot roastery supplies wholesale customers, grocery stores and a brick-and-mortar Artidoro Rodríguez Café coffee shop that opened in 2022.

Artidoro Rodriguez Cafe 1

ARC and Peruvian coffee representatives at the SCA Expo in Chicago in April.

Félix Rodríguez told DCN that the company plans to open two more coffee shops in Peru by the end of next year.

The ARC coffee that is served in Taty’s and sold to Latin American supermarkets and wholesale clients is roasted and packaged in the U.S. through a partner manufacturer.

Artidoro Rodriguez Cafe shop

“We are not roasting [in the U.S.] for the moment,” said Rodriguez. “We plan to implement our roasting plant once we reach 5,000 tons volume in the Horeca channel, in 2025.”

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