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Sovda Adds Blending to the Roastery Product Mix

Sovda Blend 1

The new Sovda Blend with the included lance. All images courtesy of Sovda.

Oregon-based coffee roastery equipment maker Sovda recently launched sales of a new commercial coffee blending machine called the Sovda Blend.

Priced at $12,950, the machine is designed to streamline the task of blending, whether for consistency among batches of the same coffee, or for blends of different coffees.

The machine joins a growing ecosystem of Sovda roastery equipment that includes includes sorters, fillers, destoners, storage silos, conveyers and hoppers.

Sovda Global Sales Executive Julian Mamaj told Daily Coffee News that the design originated as a one-off project for a single client, yet further research suggested there may be a gap in the marketplace.

sovda blend in action

Inside a Sovda Blend unit.

“Most of what we‘ve seen are either simple cooling trays — for the price of a roaster — or cement mixers,” said Mamaj. “This led us to design the Sovda Blend, a product that is actually designed to fit into a roasting process and decrease workload.”

The company said the product is in response to what it perceives as an uptick in demand for blending solutions, brought about by numerous market factors.

“Multicomponent blending is a controversial topic, and when you ask five people you’ll get five opinions, but the demand is there,” said Mamaj. “S.O.s aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but with farmers struggling to keep a consistently high quality due to factors like climate change and simple demand, we won’t be able to justify 86+ S.O.s in lattes anymore. With that in mind, I think many specialty roasters will divert to blends to craft a better cup than what your standard 80-point low altitude South American could [alone].”

precision fill at Black and White Coffee

A Sovda Precision Fill machine.

The Sovda Blend’s hopper capacity options include 60, 150 or 230 liters, with weighing and destoning features as optional add-ons.

Discharge can be automated through one of three available exits towards packaging equipment. The Sovda Blend can stand alone, or it can integrate into an existing production line through pneumatic conveyance.

The company says the machine is suitable for roasters blending 550 kilograms of coffee or more per month, and that the machine can blend between 85-100 kilograms of coffee in as little as nine minutes.

Sovda Blend 4

The Sovda Blend connected to a Sovda Precision Hopper and Lift.

The Sovda Blender is now officially available for purchase, with a lead time of approximately 130-150 days including shipping, according to the company.

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated. The original version incorrectly listed sealers among Sovda’s current offerings and misstated the approximate lead time.]

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