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Victoria Arduino Enters the Singles Scene with the PureBrew+ Brewer

Victoria Arduino PureBrew+ 1

The new Victoria Arduino PureBrew+ single-cup commercial coffee brewer. All images courtesy of Victoria Arduino.

Italian equipment maker Victoria Arduino just unveiled the PureBrew+, a single-cup brewing machine for commercial environments. 

Representing the 119-year-old brand’s first ever piece of equipment outside the realm of espresso, the PureBrew+ showers water in pulses above a proprietary conical double-mesh filter for an unpressurized percolation brew. 

Victoria Arduino, part of the Simonelli Group of companies, has not yet announced pricing for the machine, which is expected to roll out in the United States market in Spring 2025.

The standalone system intentionally echoes the aesthetics of the brand’s Mythos grinder while performing the Pure Brew method, which was initially introduced in 2021 as a feature of the company’s Black Eagle Maverick espresso machine.

ctoria Arduino PureBrew+ 3

Mechanical innovations inside the PureBrew+ include an energy-efficient system for instantly heating only the required amount of water per brew, and a patented hot-cold dual water circuit that facilitates rapid brew-water temperature changes ranging from 75-95°C (167-203ºF) within a single recipe.

“The combination of the patented internal technology, the group construction, the patented pulsation system and the filter cone represents a completely new system for filter coffee extraction in terms of mechanics and taste,” Claudio Cingolani, head of the R&D and technical department of Simonelli Group, recently told Daily Coffee News.

The machines come loaded with three extraction profiles called Light, Medium and Dark. A Custom mode also allows for baristas to design their own recipes.

“The different PureBrew profiles correspond to different pauses and water pulses frequencies without using pressure,” Cingolani said. “With the Light profile, frequent, short impulses create higher turbulence. The Dark profile features longer impulses with extended contact time, resulting in less turbulence. The Medium profile strikes a balance between the two, offering a middle ground.”


Two sizes of filter cones are available, allowing for a broader range of brewing ratios, and water flow rate is determined by the volume and duration of a given pulse. Users can program the number and temperature of pulses, and the brewer accommodates volumes of up to 30 grams of coffee and a 500 milliliters of water.

The rotary-pump-driven machine requires direct connection to a plumbed water supply and 230-volt power.

Aimed at hospitality and cocktail bar settings as well as coffee shops and cafes, the PureBrew+ is also designed for tea and other non-coffee extractions, according to the company. The on-board software stores up to 12 recipes, which are accessible via a 4.3-inch touchscreen control panel.

ctoria Arduino PureBrew+ 2

“PureBrew+ is very intuitive and easy to use,” Cingolani said. “Compared to manual methods, the product ensures consistency, repeatability of results, and the ability to set the final quantity desired for each beverage, thus avoiding waste. The ease of use and setting, along with the repeatability, allows for the production of filter coffee even by those who do not have the skills for manual extraction.”

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