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German Cafe Puts Ban on Babies with Stroller Blockade

the barn roastery in berlinA German coffee shop owner is facing a fierce backlash after installing a stone bollard to keep out baby-strollers.

According to a recent report from The Guardian, Ralf Rüller, owner of the Barn Roastery in Berlin, maintains a long list of rules for patrons, as he hopes to create a “sacred” space for coffee drinkers. The cafe outlaws extra milk, spoons, laptops, mobile phone ringing, loud phone calls, dogs and any electronic media. But it’s the ban on strollers that seems to have caused the biggest stink.

Rüller has been called anything from the “Soup Nazi” to the perpetrator of an “affront to families” for his cafe rules, but the former actor suggests they are necessary in order to create the ideal experience for retail coffee consumption.

“People should listen to their senses when they drink a cup of coffee. Just as we take care of the coffee bean from crop to cup, we also take care of the people who come in here to drink it,” Rüller told The Guardian.

The full story: The Guardian


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