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Hario Releases V60 Drip Scale/Station (Press Release)

Press Release from Hario:

HARIO makes the V60 even easier with the entirely new hand drip coffee maker, the “V60 DRIP SCALE / DRIP STATION” which unites the timer and scale into one tool.

TOKYO- Fall of 2012 saw the release of the HARIO “V60 DRIP SCALE / DRIP STATION.” The quality and design we’ve all come to expect from this industry innovator is effortlessly apparent when brewing your favorite coffee to the standard your palate requires.

Hario v60 drip stationThis station was developed with unique technical capabilities in mind, all the time reflecting the voices of both the professional Barista and the common coffee enthusiast. Since the burgeoning of pour over coffee’s popularity, Baristas have paid close attention to both the extraction time and quantity of ground coffee used for a distinctive flavor profile.

As many users have learned through both trial and success, when you modify just one of these factors, the same coffee can be expressed in virtually endless possibilities of flavor complexity. New and innovative recipes can be created and tweaked from this concept so each coffee house, roaster or individual can experiment on their own, able to modify specific flavors with the current seasons coffee.

Hario created this drip station to aid in this, while making it easy and fun. Both the timer and scale buttons and readouts are placed in just the right spot for ease of use to assist in quality and consistency. It is HARIO’s hope that the “V60 DRIP SCALE / DRIP STATION” will provide the new standard for “ OMOTENASHI” for pour over coffee. From the V60’s humble beginnings to an industry standard among many, HARIO believes to better illustrate hand drip coffee’s full potential, all can be realized through the fresh direction of professional Baristas and true coffee enthusiasts.



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