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New Online Coffee Marketplace Seeking Micro-Roasteries

A group of U.S.-based coffee entrepreneurs is creating a network of micro-roasteries from throughout the world to establish an online marketplace known as the Global Bean Shed.

Global Bean Shed

sample roastery profile

The group is currently seeking roasteries for a three-month Beta membership. According to an announcement of the project, participating roasteries will get the following perks:

1) 3 months FREE full GBS membership
2) Six featured roasts of your choice to contribute to the GBS coffee catalog.
3) Your own password-protected roastery catalog webpage which allows you to upload/edit descriptions and images that will help sell your roasts.
4) Global exposure to customers who otherwise would never know you existed.
5) Advertisement in numerous publications under the GBS name, e.g. Roast Magazine, Fresh Cup Magazine, CoffeeTalk Media, Coffee Review, and Coffee News — to name a few
6) Access to resources among our network of roasters.
7) Your roastery associated with the rising name in coffee freshness.
8) No store-shelf fee.

Here’s a description of how the project came together from the Alaska-based web developer behind the project, Nick Hand:

Several months ago, a couple coffee roasters were bouncing ideas off of each other over a cup of joe. After what turned into hours, they came up with an idea to help bring together micro-roasteries from all across the country, no… the WORLD, to form one giant network working together bringing the freshest coffee possible to their customers. Throw in a marketing professional, and a web developer, and what do you have? The Global Bean Shed.


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Lakana Mapinit

Hello, we are interested in 3 months FREE full GBS membership. Would you mind advising us how to join the membership?

Best regards,

Lakana Mapinit

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