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Why are these Coffee Shop Owners in Hazmat Suits?

Birch coffee Breaking Bad

Birch owners Paul Schlader and Jeremy Lyman

There is a lot that goes into making an addictive product. That’s what New York’s Birch Coffee Owners Jeremy Lyman and Paul Schlader want to convey in a marketing campaign for the coffee company’s new cold brew delivery service that recalls images from AMC television series Breaking Bad.

Beginning today, Birch is offering bike delivery of its 64-ounce iced coffee growlers from its two current locations in Manhattan, on 27th Street and Fifth Avenue, and 14th Street and Seventh Avenue. The service will also be available from Birch’s forthcoming location on the Upper West Side.

(Note to consumers: coffee is good, and crystal meth is really, really bad.)

Breaking Bad lab


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Because we all know the naturalness of coffee is only made more appealing through heavy chemicals. Just like Vietnamese robusta.

Seriously — who are the ad wizards that came up with THAT one?

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