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Hawaii Coffee Farms For Sale, from Rustic to Luxurious

Hawaii coffee farms for sale

Kena coffee farm

Kona coffee producer Kena Coffee Corp. is for sale, including the existing 4.89-acre farm, a two-bedroom home, associated farm equipment, coffee packaging supplies, and a 15-pound Dietrich roaster.

The listing was recently profiled in a regular feature in Hawaii Business magazine called “What’s it Worth?” In this case, the asking price for the farm, which sits at 2,300 feet above sea level and includes a two-bedroom home, 1,164 coffee trees, 39 macadamia trees and numerous fruit trees, is $599,000.

Kena Coffee has operated as an online and local retail business since 2004, and its reserve estate coffee was recently won the Kona coffee cupping competition.

The magazine also profiled some other coffee farm listings, including the Hale O Iolani Coffee Farm in Captain Cook, which includes 3,500 coffee trees over five acres. The $1.45 million asking price also includes a 4,000-square-foot luxury home. The 10.65-acre Luana Coffee and Avocado Farm in Honaunau, featuring 5,000 coffee trees and some 200 avocado trees, is also available for lease.

Hawaii coffee farm real estate listings

Hale O Iolani Coffee Farm



Ingrid Burling

To the editor:
I note the article about a virus attacking coffee plants and entered ‘neem oil’ into the search bar on your website. There is nothing here about neem oil and I am surprised by this.
Neem oil is famous for its ability to eradicate 90% of pests and issues on coffee plants, without harming bees or topical beneficial bacteria. If you add spruce essential oil to the mix of neem oil and water so that the essential oil you add ends up in a 1% dilution of the end mix, it also protects plants against rust. A good blend is 4tbs of neem oil dispersed in 2 gallons of water and around 77ml of your chosen essential oil added to that. Warm the neem oil, add it to the water and shake it up to make a milkshake-like mixture. If it rains after spraying, you must repeat the spraying. Clean any spraying equipment thoroughly after use as the neem oil can overwhelm the bacteria other things that you want to spray on your plants, like compost tea for example. Or better still use two sprayers, one for your neem oil and another for your compost tea.
Food for thought (?) and a possible article on the topic? Pointer for you: organic neem oil has been used in India for generations.



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