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First Look: The Bright Green Slayer and Provocative Pastry of Perq

Perq coffee bar has green Slayer machine in Sarasota

The founders of the Sarasota, Fla., specialty bakery The Lollicake Queen have opened their much-anticipated adjacent coffee shop, the Perq Coffee Bar. Naturally, the shop has a top-notch bakery program, but the first thing that jumps out to coffee people is the bright green Slayer espresso machine.

Here’s more from a recent profile in Sarasota Magazine on Perq’s drink program:

If you’re looking for a traditional coffee shop experience here, you won’t find it; in fact, the drink names of many of the coffees on the menu will probably be a little unfamiliar to you. Instead of a latte, cappuccino or Frappuccino, you’ll order a “pull” (a double shot of espresso), a “gibraltar” (a double shot with 3 oz. of steamed milk) or a “flat white” (steamed milk poured over a double shot of espresso), among others.

Here is a look inside the new shop (all photos from Perq’s Facebook):

pour over coffee at perq


perq coffee bar baked goods


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