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Tennessee Shop Strives to Provide Safe Haven for Military Veterans

reveille joe coffee company is a place for veterans in Murfreesboro

Facebook Photo. “The Sunrise that Gave Birth to Reveille Joe Coffee Company”

Inspired by a stunning sunset in Eastern Afghanistan combined with a crappy cup of instant coffee during his days in the U.S. Marine Corps, a Tennessee man has created a coffee shop with an interesting mission.

Opened last month in Murfreesboro, Reveille Joe Coffee Company features a contemporary food and drink program — including fresh roasted, not crappy coffee — along with live acoustic music and art exhibits. But owner Matthew O’Dell also says the shop exists also to provide a welcoming place for military veterans, especially those struggling to adjust to civilian life.

“I want a place where you walk into and are lulled by smells and sounds,” O’Dell told the Murfreesboro Post just before the shop’s opening. “I want it to really embrace you … that I’m a spirit standing by the door giving you a hug – the best hug you’ve ever had in your life.”

For more info:

Reveille Joe Facebook

Murfreesboro Post profile profile

inside Reveille Joe

inside Reveille Joe


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