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Austin’s Briggo Hires Starbucks Execs Scott McMartin and Tim Kern


Briggo, the Austin, Tex.-based automated coffee vending company, has added two Starbucks executives to its team to run coffee sourcing, roasting, product quality and customer experience efforts.

Scott McMartin and Tim Kern have more than 40 combined years at Starbucks. At Briggo, McMartin will lead coffee sourcing, roasting and blending operations, while Kern will lead customer experience and marketing initiatives.

There is currently one Briggo system in place, on the University of Texas campus, but the company’s founders last year secured $2.8 million in financing to expand. The Briggo allows consumers to order cold or hot coffee and espresso drinks remotely from a computer or smart phone or directly at the kiosk, which accommodates single POS or account-based purchases.

“Adding Scott and Tim to the Briggo team augments our coffee leadership from the origin to the cup,” Kevin Nater, president and CEO of Briggo, said in an announcement of the hires. “Their remarkable expertise in specialty coffee enriches our seasoned team of executives who are focused on empowering people tocreate their perfect cup.”


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Hugh Griffin

Yes!!! We need less human interaction and more machines doing work. There simply aren’t enough humans to handle this………. …………arrrrrrgg!!!!

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