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Goodbye to the CRS Coffeelands Blog by Michael Sheridan

Michael Sheridan

Michael Sheridan

Smallholder farmer advocate Michael Sheridan is shutting down his influential blog, the CRS Coffeelands Blog. In a final post today, Sheridan, a regular contributor to Daily Coffee News, says he plans to trade his pen for a larger sword, writing:

Other, more influential coffee blogs have already gone dark, and many of the sentiments their authors conveyed in their farewell posts resonate deeply with me: it has been great fun; it has been more work than I expected; the digital echo chamber can be seductive and disorienting; the blog has served its purpose; and mostly, the desire to spend less time writing and more time actually doing stuff.

Click here for the full goodbye post.

Sheridan, who has most recently become a leading voice on coffee rust and its long- and short-term impacts on smallholder coffee farms, says he plans to devote more of his time and energy to the Catholic Relief Services Borderlands project that he manages in conflict-affected farming communities along the border of Colombia and Ecuador.

We thank Michael for helping shed a light on issues that are often unseen or ignored by the specialty coffee community, and we wish him the best of luck afield.