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First Look: Coffee Cultures in San Francisco’s Financial District

After some delays, Coffee Cultures opened late last month in San Francisco’s financial district, serving Counter Culture coffees and pushing a food program with locally sourced frozen yogurt and pastries. The coffee shop was created by Jason Michael Paul, who opened San Francisco’s Coffee Bar on Bryant St. in 2007.

“San Francisco is a haven for unique, conscientious coffeehouses,” Paul told QRS Magazine in an introduction to the Coffee Cultures concept earlier this year. “With Coffee Cultures, I hope to deliver a cool world of local artisanal pastries and products, as well as unbelievably delicious and socially responsible coffee and yogurt. I want this coffeehouse to be a treat for the busy people working in the city’s thriving financial district.”

Some reports have erroneously stated that Coffee Cultures is the first San Francisco bar to be serving Counter Culture coffees. Stanza Coffee Bar on Haight St., for one, has been serving CC coffees for at least a year. But we say, the more the merrier.