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San Diego’s North Park to Get More Hot Coffee and Cold Beer

young hickory to bring hot coffee and cold beer to North Shore San Diego

Photo by Young Hickory

A new bar is scheduled to open next month in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood. One look at the facade of the building, which was formerly a Filter Coffee House location, and the drinks program is pretty clear: hot coffee and cold beer.

The official name of the new bar is Young Hickory, and according to the group’s social media channels, it will be serving coffee from San Diego’s beloved Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, along with cans of craft beer and perhaps even some toasted cheese. Bold. Simple. Thumbs up.

young hickory cold beer hot coffee

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Not once, but three times this wall has had a mural painted on it that got painted over…. in the last 15 years. Admittedly they have gotten better. But then Young Hickory went and ruined it by painting white. What?!

I’m guessing the owners dont live in NP (or have for very long).

Disappointed Resident of NP since 1990

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