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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Joins The Sustainability Consortium

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has joined the Sustainability Consortium (TSC), a group of businesses and researchers working on transparent methods to develop innovations in sustainable consumer products. GMCR will be leaned on especially for its expertise in coffee production and infrastructure, and small appliance knowledge, as makers of the Keurig.

GMCR joins the sustainability consortium (TSC)Specifically, GMCR will be a member of the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture working group, TSC’s largest group that includes companies such as Kellogg’s, MillerCoors and PepsiCo and Mars. The company will also be represented in the Electronics and Packaging working group, and will participate in the General Merchandise Committee, which will cover products such as home coffee makers.

“We’ve used Life Cycle Assessment internally for years to inform our decisions,” Monique Oxender, Senior Director of Sustainability for GMCR, said in a company announcement. “It’s exciting to be able to share our experience and learn from others.”

The next TSC member meeting is scheduled for Oct. 10-11 in Atlanta. The group now has members from 57 companies worldwide. The TSC is administered jointly by Arizona State University and the University of Arkansas. It also now has offices at Wageningen University in The Netherlands and at Nanjing University in China.


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