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Infamous One-Man Wyoming Town to Become Vietnamese Coffee HQ

Nguyen Dinh Pham opening Phindeli in Buford Wyoming

Nguyen Dinh Pham

No, this is not a joke. A one man town (literally), Buford, Wyoming, may now become a distribution hub for Vietnamese coffee.

Last April, Buford’s sole resident, Don Sammons, legally sold the 10-acre town to Vietnamese businessman Pham Dinh Nguyen for $900,000 at a live online auction that drew bidders from 46 countries. Now Pham wants to turn the town — which has a filling station and a single homestead — into a coffee distribution center for his new coffee company, PhinDeli.

Pham has elected Sammons as co-mayor, and employed the 64-year-old Vietnam War veteran to help oversee daily operations. Pham, who has also renamed the town Buford PhinDeli Town, filed a trademark application in July to launch the Vietnamese coffee company. He has told Vietnamese news sources that he hopes to sell roasted Vietnamese coffees online, and plans to pursue grocery accounts.

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