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The Cuddly Cats of Paris’s Newest Cafe, Le Cafe des Chats (Photo Gallery)


A new cafe in the heart of Paris’s Marais district offers most of the standard coffee bar provisions: drip coffees, teas, lounge seating, and a small menu with locally sourced bakery items and fresh produce. It also has cats — loads of cats.

Le Cafe des Chats is the brainchild of Margaux Gandelon, who says the 12 or so cats roaming her shop offer patrons “purr therapy,” where vibrations from the snuggly felines are suggested to lower blood pressure and heartrate in humans. Adopted from rescue organizations, the cats are vetted for mild temperaments, regularly receive vaccinations and immunizations, and are free to roam the cafe among coffee-sipping customers.

For more info, visit le Facebook Page

(all photos courtesy of Le Cafe des Chats)



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