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First Look: Cincinnati Micro Carabello’s Lovely New Roastery and Bar

carabello coffee opens in Newport

Justin Carabello

A deeply philanthropic husband-and-wife-owned micro is upping to coffee game in the greater Cincinnati area, with the opening of the new Carabello Coffee roastery and coffee bar at 107 e. 9th St., in Newport, Ky.

Former home roasters Justin and Emily Carabello had been operating Carabello Coffee in a partnership with Velocity Bike & Bean in nearby Florence, but Justin told Daily Coffee News that the growth of their roasting operation necessitated a move. Carabello’s lovely new space — a floor-to-ceiling glass facade illuminates exposed brick everywhere — features one of the area’s first pour over bars, including Fair Trade- and organic-certified coffees, as well as a selection of direct trade coffees. Espresso drinks come in what Justin calls “only the traditional Italian sized espresso beverages,” adding, “We are also the first to have cold brew on draft in the Cincy area.”

Husband and wife open Carabellos in Greater Cincinnati

The Carabellos

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Part of their mission, the Carabellos are highly dedicated to numerous philanthropic causes, both locally and in the farm areas in which they travel (Miami Valley Christian Academy Fine Arts Boosters, Ohio Alley Cat Rescue, a Nicaraguan orphanage and a Kenyan ministry group are just a few of the organizations that have benefitted from Carabello Coffee proceeds).

“The coffee scene is finally beginning to make some strides here,” Justin told Daily Coffee News. One look at the Carabellos’ bar, and that is apparent. Here are the photos to prove it:

(all photos courtesy of Carabello Coffee)




Justin Carabello

Thank you for the very kind words and lovely little story. I appreciate all you are doing for folks like us in the Industry!


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