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Inside Coffee Commissary’s Modern Retro Burbank Shop (with Photo Gallery)

coffee commissary in burbank california

Coffee Commissary Burbank. Photo by Amparo Rios.

Coffee Commissary, a West Hollywood-based coffee retailer with a knack for retro modern coffee bar design, has opened its newest location, an airy space with a bold color palette against abundant stainless steel.

L.A.-based freelance photographer Amparo Rios recently shot the new cafe, part of her ongoing personal pursuit to capture the simple joys of coffee and the spaces in which it is consumed. “I became fascinated and learned a lot from the amazing coffee community,” Rios tells Daily Coffee News. “Their passion and respect for coffee is admirable. With my coffee photography, I try to show them my respect and admiration for what they do — a small tribute to their incredible dedication.” More of Rios’s lovely photographic work, which extends well beyond coffee, can be found here.

Coffee Commissary Burbank. Photo by Amparo Rios.

Coffee Commissary Burbank. Photo by Amparo Rios.

Coffee Commissary Burbank is the retailer’s third location, all in the Los Angeles area. The company buys and serves coffee from some of the West Coast’s most respected roasters, including Victrola Coffee Roasters (Seattle), Coava Coffee (Portland), Sightglass Coffee (San Francisco) and Temple Coffee (Sacramento). Here is more inside the Burbank location, at 3121 W. Olive Ave. (all photos by Amparo Rios):


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