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Latest in Coffee Cartography Reaches Chicago: The El Station Coffee Map

Every city with any kind of decent public transportation should get one of these: a station coffee map.

This latest trend in coffee cartography began with a Tube station coffee map in London, showing locations of independent coffee shops based on their proximity to Tube stations. Then came the New York subway coffee map (which now includes Brooklyn and Queens!).

Now, courtesy of A Table in the Corner of the Cafe, comes the Chicago El station coffee map. The Table’s Drew Moody would like it to be known that this is merely a beta version, and he encourages suggestions for additional shops in a comment section here. But from the top of the purple line in Wilmette to the bottom of the red line at 95th and the Dan Ryan, this is a good start:

Chicago el coffee map

The Chicago El coffee map





You should add Atomix Coffee. It’s on Damen & Chicago. Might be a little walk away from a nearby CTA, but then again… so is Bridgeport Coffee Company (the Bridgeport location)


Emerald City is LITERALLY attached to the sheridan stop, and is amazing. Who made this map….?


Off of the Francisco brown line is a little coffee shop called first slice. And off the California blue line you forgot to include Cafe Mustache. Also, off the jefferson park blue line, even though it’s a good walk; over by Northwest Highway and Bryn Mawr, there’s an amazing coffee shop/antique store called Kouks Vintage Cafe, and the coffee-cocktails are incredibly. It’s a very underrated place. Another underrated one on the northside is Portage Park’s adorable, Portage Grounds Coffee & Tea.

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