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Must-See Video: The Transparent Portafilter in Slo-Mo

The transparent portafilter

Photo courtesy of Frans Goddijn.

Seattle resident Stephen Sweeney likes to build cool stuff, like canons and kayaks. Thankfully for us, he also takes an interest in coffee, where his previous custom builds include transparent acrylic super-magnetic bases for baskets and portafilter holders for the HG One grinder to fit the portafilters for Londinium, La Pavoni and other machines.

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For his latest creation, Sweeney has built a transparent portafilter. While the invention was only intended for limited use — the application of acrylic and adhesives with metal, combined with extreme temperatures and pressure, provides durability challenges — Sweeney’s transparent portafilter nonetheless gives us an unprecedented view.

In slow-motion videos captured by Frans Goddijn and Roemer Overdiep, featuring the music of Alexandre Desplat, the view is also quite lovely.

Here are some extra takes!


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