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HiLine Coffee Company to Offer Capsules Through Traditional Retailers, Introduces New Website


(Press release by HiLine Coffee Company. Claims not verified or endorsed by Daily Coffee News.)

With an increased interest in their popular Nespresso-compatible capsules, HiLine Coffee Company has announced that it will begin offering traditional brick and mortar retailers the ability to sell their capsules. In addition, the company has completely redesigned their website to be more colorful and engaging.

HiLine Coffee Company will seek to make their Nespresso compatible capsules more readily available to single serve coffee consumers. Nespresso limits the availability of their capsules to their own boutiques, their website, and a handful of select retailers. While the reason for this is unknown, HiLine will look to expand their offerings to a wide range of retails.

“Our coffee capsules are a high-volume repeat item with the potential to increase foot traffic and help drive margins, as well as potentially increase sales of machines,” said Ted Snyder, Co-Founder of HiLine Coffee Company. He added, “By establishing our retail presence, we hope to give customers the freedom of choice and a much higher level of convenience than the Nespresso Club.”

“Several HiLine customers have expressed frustration with the limited physical distribution of Nespresso capsules and the desire to be able to buy capsules for their Nespresso machines as part of their routine shopping trips. Retailers who stock HiLine Coffee can be part of the solution,” continued Snyder.

While HiLine Coffee capsules will still be available on the company website (, the capsules will now be available with retailers such as:

Coffee Icon, Chef Central, and Calvert Retail (Reading China and Glass), in the US; and Marckol, ECS and Brewville, in Canada.

About HiLine Coffee Company

HiLine Coffee was created to bring new quality and chice to the Nespresso coffee market. With its small size and limited production, HiLine takes a fundamentally different approach to capsule coffee production emphasizing quality from the farm to cup, with no celebrity spokespeople or expensive boutiques. The founders, Gene Kakaulin, a certified barista, and Ted Snyder, a serial entrepreneur, stand by their product offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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