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Wendelboe-Designed Wilfa Precision Brewer Hits the U.S. Market


Wilfa Svart Presisjon, the automatic home brewer designed in part by Tim Wendelboe, is now available commercially in the United States as the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker.

The Wilfa Svart was the result of a two-year R&D project collaboration between Scandanavian electronics manufacturer Wilfa and 2004 World Barista Champion Wendelboe to create a brewer that accommodates the discerning tastes of Scandanavian coffee drinkers with the ease of automation. It’s also been the subject of one of coffee’s most creative marketing campaigns to date, with Wilfa creating a blog/brand called Nordic Coffee Culture and enlisting names like Wendelboe, Brian W. Jones (Dear Coffee, I Love You) and Klaus Thomsen (The Coffee Collective) to help push the product.

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The machine debuted in Europe in Spring 2013, but Wendelboe today said the machine has only now been remodeled to accommodate the 110-volt power supply. It is currently retailing from $249-$349 at Williams Sonoma.

At its core, the machine is quite simple, regulating water temperature through a reservoir and dripping over a filter cone. In addition to its elegant design quality, the Wilfa Precision also includes a removable cone for measuring coffee weight or for interchanging with other manual cone brewers, flow control from the filter holder, steady water temperature through the brew cycle, a stirrer inside the carafe and a self-draining and detachable water reservoir.

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This is clearly an exciting time in the home brewing segment, and U.S. consumers willing to drop a few hundred dollars on automatic and semi-automatic solutions now have one more product to compare.

photos by Wilfa/Nordic Coffee Culture





But why-oh-why Williams Sonoma? Forget about their exaggerated prices. They’ve notoriously sold some of the most disreputable coffee equipment over the past decade.


It’s nothing more than a sophisticated controlled dripolater.If i really makes a difference someone or someones will make a less expensive version. In my view the critical thing about good coffee is the quality of the roasted beans. The machine doesn’t make much difference.

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