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Drink Trendspotting: The Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Cone Demitasse


Especially given the full-tilt affogato menu craze, it’s hard to imagine this hasn’t been thought of before: espresso served in a demitasse-sized chocolate-dipped ice cream cone.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is a small shop tucked into the botique- and salon-heavy stretch of the posh West Hollywood Melrose Place corridor. (For an example of what we’re dealing with here, the shop’s retail neighbors are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who own the 3,800-square foot botique The Row.)

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Inside Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

Inside Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

Though it’s been open since early last year, serving Stumptown coffees exclusively, Alfred Coffee recently has been making headlines for its chocolate-dipped cone shots. The off-menu item (of course) costs $5 for the cone, plus the $3 to $4 for the cost of the espresso or macchiato shot inside.

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Could this be the next big trend in ice cream coffee? Can cone-makers respond to the challenges of espresso brewed at 90C+? Are we about to see a boom in edible espresso ware? Probably no to all of these things, but that shouldn’t take away from how cute these little sweet bombs are:




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