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Pittsburgh Has a Really Fun Specialty Coffee Week Lined Up. Do You?

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Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week

Kudos to you Pittsburgh, Pa., which this Oct. 13-19 will join the remarkably small group of U.S. cities to try its hand at a “Specialty Coffee Week.”

Here’s more from the hosts, including some of the cities most quality-focused roasteries and cafes:

Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week is a chance for coffee connoisseurs and novices to come together for a week of fun and informative events. Coffee professionals will have a space in which to share skills and information, leading to an increased excitement and care for the work of specialty coffee. Coffee patrons can develop their knowledge of roasting and brewing practices, while discovering the unique styles and flavors that each shop has to offer.

In a nutshell, it’s “beer week” or “restaurant week” for coffee: A city-wide collaboration among some of the industries top purveyors to help shine a light on what’s going on in coffee. In the process, they may hit some less experienced drinkers over the head with espressos or black coffees that might inspire loyalty or, better yet, change their drinking lives forever.

Despite the obvious upsides, we’ve seen a few attempts at these kind of events in recent history. (See Kansas City in 2012, and Sacramento this year.) The question of “why” may be better suited for another post; but for now, hats off to you, Pittsburgh, and your outward-facing industry collaboration.

Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week is already getting some support from others in the coffee industry, including Hario, Baratza and Able, which have all donated some sweet raffle gifts. Here is some more of what’s going down this year in Steel City, with more events and host roasteries/retailers likely to follow:

Oct. 13: Espresso tasting at Commonplace Coffee Roastery
Oct. 14: 21st St. Coffee Presents TBA
Oct. 15: Coffee Cocktails at Constellation Coffee
Oct. 16: Latte Art Throwdown at Commonplace Voluto
Oct. 17: Food and coffee pairings at Marty’s Market
Oct. 18: A Film About Coffee with Espresso a Mano
Oct. 19: Brunch at Orbis Caffe

Want them on a map? Here you go: