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This Amazing Dubai Coffee Museum Allows Guests to Sip in Cultural Context


Al Mulla, right, brewing traditional Ethiopian coffee in the museum's first exhibit.

Khalid Al Mulla of UAE green importer Easternmen & Co., right, created the Dubai Coffee Museum from his personal collection. 

Khalid Al Mulla of Dubai-based green coffee importer Easternmen & Co. is putting the finishing touches on the Dubai Coffee Museum in the Al Fahidi historical district.

Insipired by the Kaffemuseum in Hamburg, Germany, the Dubai museum is not merely a hodgepodge of antiques behind glass. Al Mulla’s personal collection is displayed in a series of rooms, each with their own distinct furnishings and equipment sets, giving guests a chance to immerse themselves in the traditional methods from Ethiopia, Turkey, Egypt, Yemen and other parts of the coffee-drinking world. Coffee is not merely discussed as a cultural rite; it is brewed and sipped in context.


A last stop at the two-story museum is a stunning brew bar cafe, featuring modern brewing technologies from the U.S. to Italy to Japan, including a towering brass Victoria Arduino espresso machine, Hario siphons and pourovers.

In addition to the live demonstration rooms, the museum will have a multimedia room, a gift shop and a curated library featuring books on coffee throughout history, beginning with on original print of German Johann Friedrich von Pfeiffer’s 1784 encyclopedia that included more than 170 pages on coffee.