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The Martha Stewart Cafe is Happening in Chelsea

Martha Stewart Cafe New York

Martha Stewart in the Martha Stewart Cafe.

Martha Stewart says she is living her long-time dream of opening a cafe, which she of course named Martha Stewart Cafe.

In a press release that drop’s the Martha name 20 times, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia announced that the cafe will be opening Monday, May 16, inside the company’s New York headquarters in the Starrett-Legeigh building, at 601 W. 26th Street.

The cafe is nestled into a 107-square-foot space in the building’s lobby and MSLO’s facilities director Lynn Goodwin says it only employs four baristas, all of whom were vetted by Martha as part of a rigorous interview process. “Your business can be made or broken by the quality of barista,” Goodwin said. “If you don’t have a good barista, you don’t have a good cup of coffee.”

Stewart has partnered with New York roaster Kobrick Coffee for its filter drip coffees, including “Martha’s Blend” and a cold brew. Trieste, Italy, roastery Antica Tostatura Triestina is supplying the espresso blend. The coffee menu is tight, featuring only drips, an espresso, a cappuccino, a latte and  an Americano. Martha’s pal Wei Bertram of Connecticut-based Arogya Tea is providing numerous loos-leaf teas. New York’s ChikaLicious, Baked, Bien Cuit and Balthazar are among the pastry providers.

The group is not shedding any details about future expansion of the Martha Stewart Cafe line, but a lot of creative energy and hours went into developing the brand. It is hard to imagine that development will ultimately be limited to just 107 square feet.

Here’s Martha behind the bar:



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Neal Cowan

Clean lines. Well-organized. I am curious to see how well-received this concept will be by the public.

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