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A Budapest Independent Coffee Virtual Tour (with Map)

The Budapest Coffee Tour map.

The Budapest Coffee Tour map.

Call it what you will — a loyalty program or a disloyalty program — but consumer-focused collaboration between high-end retailers sharing a local market space always warms the heart’s cockles. The latest example comes from Budapest, Hungary, which has grown into a veritable international specialty coffee destination.

Peter Bajko of the Budapest cafe Kontakt reached out to us regarding the new Budapest Coffee Tour, which follows the loyalty/disloyalty concept first championed by former World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies at Prufrock Coffee four years ago. (A rewards card promotes visits to all of the participating independent shops. The loyalty here is to the independent, specialty coffee community, through disloyalty to single shops or chains.)

Says Bajko, “If you want to participate, you don’t have to do anything else — just pick up the card in one of the listed coffee shops and get caffeinated.” Here are quick looks into each of the eight participating shops and roasteries on the Budapest Coffee Tour, all of whom are helping further shape the Hungarian capital’s landscape:

Espresso Embassy

Madal Cafe


Mantra Specialty Coffee Minibar

My Little Melbourne Coffee


Kelet Kávézó és Galéria

Tamp & Pull


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Our favorite (Kelet) is on the list, but others are great too. 🙂 If I can add something relatead: Here is a nice thing to do with your selfies in Budapest (café): #chocolate #souvenir

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