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Rise Up Coffee Roasters Opening Fourth Spot in Maryland’s Eastern Shore

rise up coffee salisbury

Rendering of the new Rise Up location coming to 105A East College Avenue in Salisbury, MD.

Celebrating 10 years as a retailer and three years as a roaster in Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Rise Up Coffee Roasters is planning to open a new location following the purchase of the Viva Espresso space in Salisbury.

Viva owners Chuck and Nancy Dix are retiring, and Rise Up is renovating the space for an opening tentatively scheduled for May 1. It will be Rise Up’s fourth location, following the original St. Michael’s coffee stand founded by owner Tim Cureton in 2005, the 2007 Salisbury drive-through location, and the 2012 roastery and coffee showroom in Easton.

Tim Cureton of Rise Up.

Tim Cureton of Rise Up.

Rise Up says the new location will offer a menu from the Mad Eggs food truck, which has been parked outside the Easton HQ providing fresh-made breakfast and lunch menu items for the past two years. The shop is also connected to Salisbury’s Specific Gravity Pizzeria & Bottle Shop.



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