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Marketing Beat: Of Course David Lynch Coffee Has Super Weird Ads

david lynch coffee

Screenshot from the 2011 ad for David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee.

Despite the surrealist leanings of his work and enigmatic character of the man himself, the eponymous coffee brand of film director David Lynch has a remarkably generic extended name: David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee.

The Lynch brand, available through Boulder, Colo.-based Java Distribution, has three core products in the organic coffee line: A+ House Blend, A+ Decaf Blend and A+ Espresso blend.

We’ll give Lynch, or whoever named this stuff, a C-, at best, in naming. But video advertising is naturally where the team behind the Lynch brand excels. The latest ad — directed by Andrew Parkhurst, and produced by Zack Drisko and executive producer Mindy Ramakerinvolves — involves an artificially intelligent robot named Simon who is part of a test to determine whether the coffee is only for humans:

In sheer strangeness, the latest ad pales in comparison to the following 2011 ad by Lynch. It’s a 4-minute conversation with Barbie, the plastic play doll, who is in Lynch’s grip in some kind of backstage environment. The casual conversation between Lynch and the doll eventually develops some flirtatious overtones and some mentions of coffee. You’ve been warned:


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