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Second Annual BGE Barista Camp Coming to Coastal Italy in September

hotel corallo riccione

Hotel Corallo, home of the 2015 Barista Guild of Europe Barista Camp in Riccione

After making an official launch a year ago at World of Coffee in Rimini, Italy, the Barista Guild of Europe is expanding its second annual European Barista Camp, which will take place September 23-26 in Riccione, Italy.

Guild representatives are currently in Gothenburg, Sweden, for the Nordic World of Coffee event, happening this week. (Details are fuzzy right now, but follow the sounds of ping pong balls to find them.)

For the 2015 camp, the BGE is extending capacity to 200 baristas, offering professional training in five distinct tracks, as well as guest lectures and equipment demonstrations. Says BGE Coordinator Isa Verschraegen, “Building on the experience from last year’s camp, we are able to offer places to more baristas while still maintaining the program balance.”

The five educational tracks are being named after four Italian artists, but the addition of Splinter (sensory intermediate) gives away the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme. Additional education tracks include, barista foundation and sensory foundation; green foundation and sensory foundation; barista intermediate; and brewing intermediate.

For more information, including details on what a €500 early bird ticket covers (€475 for SCAE members), look for BGE reps in Gothenburg or visit the registration page.