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Marketing Beat: Nestlé Has a Bunch of Naked People Pushing Coffee Creamer

Screen shot from the Nestlé All Natural Bliss Cafe promotional video

Screen shot from the Nestlé All Natural Bliss Cafe promotional video

Back in April, international food giant Nestlé rented out the Lower East Side Manhattan location of Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, created a popup shop called All Natural Bliss Café and filled it with a bunch of mostly naked models and actors as baristas.

The popup, opened in collaboration with New York creative agency 360i, was part of a larger marketing plan to push Nestlé’s new line of Coffeemate creamers called Natural Bliss. The creamer line purports to only have four ingredients, which still seems like a lot for cream: milk, cream, sugar and natural flavor.

While the dots aren’t hard to connect here — people in their au naturel state, save for some strategically placed covers and body paint, are promoting the new natural-themed product — but it does bring up a lot of questions:

  • Is it legal to be this naked selling coffee in New York?
  • What are “natural flavors,” really, and are they really one ingredient?
  • How much do you get paid to be mostly naked in New York in April?
  • What if instead of sugared creamer you were hoping instead to grab one of Irving Farm’s new Los Niños Experiments sets, featuring a single coffee from El Salvador’s Finca Talnamica and the Ortiz Herrera family processed four ways? What then?

As you can see by the confounded looks of the unsuspecting coffee shop patrons in Nestlé’s resulting promotional video, these aren’t the only questions:



Juan Miguel

This is shocking. I wouldn’t want my man in there! I mean this could be an attraction but it could also be a hindrance to stop by for some coffee.


Interesting way to promote. Gets you thinking about that so I guess they achieved their goal

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