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Introducing Roast en Español: Roast Revista

Roast Revista

Roast magazine has announced the initial publication of Roast Revista, the magazine’s Spanish-language publication. Here’s more straight from the mothership:

Roast magazine is proud to announce the latest addition to its collection of magazine translations: Roast Revista. The Spanish-language periodical, also referred to as Roast en Español, launched this week with July/August 2015 as its inaugural issue. Along with Roast China and Roast Korea, this marks the third language translation for the award-winning bi-monthly publication, which focuses on the technical side of the specialty coffee industry.

“Once again, we are thrilled to expand our readership into another language,” said Connie Blumhardt, publisher of Roast magazine. “Latin America is an important region for coffee, considering the production of green coffee. It’s exciting to think that for the first time, growers in Latin America will be able to read Roast.”

Like Roast China and Roast Korea, Roast Revista translates the same articles found in Roast magazine’s English-language version for a global audience. Distribution will focus on Mexico, Central and South America.

To learn more about Roast Revista, including information on advertising opportunities and subscriptions, please visit


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Excelente no sabía que ya estaba en español la Revista Roast es muy bueno para los que nos gusta el mundo del café y nos apasiona.

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