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Coffee Roasted in Greece and Scandinavian Design at Coffee Profilers in Berlin


Four seasoned European coffee professionals have banded together to form Coffee Profilers, a simple, clean shop in East Berlin with a Scandinavian interior aesthetic and ties to the Greek roastery Taf.

Coffee Profilers is a collaboration between Berlin’s Chapter One Coffee co-owner Nora Smahelova, Q Grader and green coffee buyer Yiannis Taloumis, 2014 World Brewers Cup champion Stefanos Domatiotis and barista trainer Stavros Domatiotis. The group says they hope the shop, located in the central Berlin Friedrichshain district, will not only appeal to consumers, but also to local coffee professionals.

“The idea is to work as transparent as possible, which is also reflected in the design of the open bar, in order to let the customer observe and enjoy the whole procedure of the preparation,” the group said in an announcement of the shop’s opening late last week.


Coffee Profilers is employing a La Marzocco Strada Manual Paddle 3-group machine for espresso , Anfim grinders and various Hario devices for manual brewing. Single-origin coffees will be rotating regularly throughout the menu, as they come in from Taf’s roastery Northeast of Athens in East Attica. Taf works closely in sourcing with Ninety Plus, which operates two coffee farms in Panama and a dozen coffee production sites in Ethiopia.


“We want to showcase the taste complexity of the coffee itself and at the same time, serve different taste concepts of each coffee,” said the Profilers team.

The shop features numerous social spaces — which, as evidenced in the photo below, look a bit more like private living rooms than traditional cafés — including an outdoor patio area for increased capacity and a curbside presence.