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Good Food Awards Presented to 17 U.S. Roasters

Good Food Awards founder and director Sarah Weiner

Good Food Awards founder and director Sarah Weiner

The 6th Annual Good Food Awards Ceremony took place this past weekend in San Francisco, honoring coffee roasters alongside craft producers in specialty culinary categories such as beer, cheese, spirits, oils and preserves. Seventeen winning single-origin coffees from 17 U.S. roasteries were deemed award-worthy out of a pool of 21 finalists (although at that point, why not just give them all awards?).

As per usual in the eyes of the GFA coffee committee, the list of winners was heavy on coffees from Kenya and Ethiopia, with Panama Geisha varieties also well represented. Only one coffee, a natural-process Colombian from Granja la Esperanza Margaritas roasted by Onyx Coffee Lab, came from outside those three countries of origin. Notably, three of the winning coffees hailed from coffee farms — Finca La Mula and Finca Sophia — owned by U.S. coffee consultant Willem Boot.

The awards program has become one of the most influential in the coffee world, giving winners a chance to market the GFA seal and trumpet their coffees as the best of the best, both in terms of cup quality and sustainable and responsible practices.

Interestingly, only two U.S. states were represented by multiple winners in this year’s ceremony, with three roasters from each California and Wisconsin taking home awards. Congratulations to all of 2016’s GFA-winning roasters:

Abundancia Coffee, Kenya AA Blue Mt, Oregon
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, Panama Esmeralda Estate, Lino Lot Natural,California
Commonwealth Coffee, Kenya Nyeri Gachatha Lot #160 AA, Colorado
Equator Coffees & Teas, Panama Finca Sophia Gesha, California
Evans Brothers Coffee, Kenya Gatundu Karinga AB, Idaho
JBC Coffee Roasters, Finca La Mula Panama Geisha, Wisconsin
Joe Coffee Company, Ethiopia Guji Yabitu Koba, New York
Kickapoo Coffee Roasters, Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Idido Cooperative,Wisconsin
Klatch Coffee, Kenya Karatu, California
Mudhouse Coffee Roasters, Finca La Mula CAC Reserve Geisha, Virginia
NEAT Coffee, Kenya Gachatha, Connecticut
Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, Panama Carmen Geisha, Texas
Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, Ethiopia Adame Garbota, Washington
Onyx Coffee Lab, Colombian Granja la Esperanza Margaritas Natural, Arkansas
Ruby Coffee Roasters, Ethiopia Guji Uraga, Wisconsin
Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co., Suke Quto – Ethiopia, Minnesota
Square One Coffee, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado, Pennsylvania