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SCAE Leading Dublin-Wide Quality Improvement Effort Heading into World of Coffee

World of Coffee 2015 photo.

World of Coffee 2015 photo.

The Ireland chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe is leading an ambitious new program designed to help meet high coffee preparation and service standards throughout Dublin as the city prepares to host more than 10,000 coffee professionals at the World of Coffee 2016 event in June.

The World of Coffee Ambassadors Club is composed of some 35 cafés, hotels, restaurants and bars, each of which have signed on to receive specialized training from SCAE Ireland coffee professionals — including three days of off-site training and one day of one-on-one on-site training — plus three on-site audits completed by an independent auditor to ensure their coffee programs are meeting specialty coffee standards by April.

“The commitment and passion of the hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes that make up the list of current Ambassadors is guaranteeing that Dublin will resonate as a quality coffee destination not to be rivaled with,” SCAE, the organizer of the annual World of Coffee, said in an announcement today. “This highlights the trend across the foodservice sector for the need to improve the quality of an establishment’s coffee offering.”

SCAE President and chair of the SCAE Ireland strategy group Paul Stack said a goal of the program is to make specialty coffee standards for service and preparation “embedded” in each of the businesses taking part. Said Stack, “We wanted to create a program which could take energy from SCAE’s World of Coffee and leave a positive legacy behind when the event rolls out of town.”

For their participation, participating businesses will be promoted as coffee destinations throughout World of Coffee marketing materials, and the central Dublin promotions agency DublinTown will be providing businesses approved by auditors with window decals.


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