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Unpacking Coffee with Kandace and Ray: Oslo’s Talor&Jørgen

Needmore Designs photo.

In this week’s episode of Unpacking Coffee, Kandace and Ray take a trip to Oslo, Norway, to check in with Talor Brown and Jørgen Hansrud, whose relatively new roasting company Talor&Jørgen reflects not only their impressive combined coffee experience, but also huge scoops of their vibrant personalities.

The two launched the roastery in December after Browne spent the past three years roasting at Oslo’s Tim Wendelboe while Hansrud served as a trainer while opening new shops for the small Oslo chain Steam Kaffebar. They are currently in the process of building a central Oslo shop of their own.

The pair first caught K-Ray’s eye at this past SCA Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle through their unique packaging, featuring custom drawings, a two-flavor-descriptor naming strategy and color schemes that borrow from the SCA’s Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel.

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Unpacking Coffee is a show discovering new coffee roasters one episode at a time led by Kandace and Ray of the Portland-based studio Needmore Designs, which specializes in coffee, wine and lifestyle brands.