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Press and Be Merry: 2017 World Aeropress Championship Coming to Seoul

aeropress championship

World Aeropress Championship 2017.

Some 60 coffee lovers throughout the world have out-pressed their competitors this year to become the 2017 Aeropress champions of their respective countries. Those winners will now gather in Seoul’s Gangnam district for the largest World Aeropress Championship to date, in conjunction with the first day of the massive Cafe Seoul show on Thursday, Nov. 9.

The three-person, Australia-based team organizing the World Aeropress Championship has announced that the event will occupy three full floors of Alver Coffee (알베르), where three competitors at a time will brew one cup of coffee using the Aeropress device, with one competitor moving on from each round until all the others are eliminated.

In case this sounds overly competitive, the organizers would like to remind you that the two primary goals of this event — as at all the regional and national Aeropress competition events leading up to it — are inclusion and merrymaking.

2017 South Africa Aeropress Champion Khan Chang. WAC photo.

“Remember when you were young and the cool kids hosted the most awesome party in town but you missed out on it because you were afraid that you weren’t ‘hip’ enough? Well, that’s okay. You have a chance to make up for it. You’re hip enough now, we promise,” the WAC team wrote in an announcement of the world final.

Said organizer Tim Williams, “The World AeroPress Championship has always been about bringing people together for a good time, so Seoul, and Gangnam in particular, feels like the perfect place for us. We’re looking forward to having a beer with a few hundred of the city’s coffee lovers in November.”

Early Bird tickets for the WAC are currently on sale for AU$30 (approximately USD$23) until Oct. 23, rising to $40 thereafter. For more info on beer, food, coffee music and other joy-giving reasons to attend, visit the WAC site.