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Louis Dreyfus Donating $50K to World Coffee Research

One of the world’s largest commodities shipping, trading and logistics companies, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) is donating $50,000 to the nonprofit World Coffee Research.

LDC, which generated some $43 billion in sales last year with approximately $317 million in profits, said the donation to WCR is intended to support long-term sustainability of coffee supply, which of course must exist in order to be traded and shipped.

“We are very happy to support World Coffee Research in its efforts to address complex problems such as low yields, climate change impacts and barriers to quality,” Markus Reis, head of LDC’s coffee platform, said in an announcement today. “Their program is complementary to LDC’s sustainability initiatives, because it promotes best farming practices in order to achieve long-term, positive impact across the entire coffee value chain. We will only be able to enjoy quality coffee in 30 years’ time, if farmers can generate a decent and sustainable revenue from their coffee activity.”

LDC owns properties and facilities throughout the coffee supply chain — including production-focused partnerships at origin, green coffee processing facilities, storage and distribution, ocean freighters, and distribution networks in consuming countries. The company’s coffee operation currently includes offices in Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Honduras, with additional representation in Ethiopia.


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